• Magnetostrictive  displacement  sensor with wiper
  • Magnetostrictive  displacement  sensor with wiper
Model No.︰SDM系列
Brand Name︰Soway
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

Introduction:  Both SDM10A & SDM11B are Magnetostrictive displacement sensor with wipers.  They are maily apply in the fields of mechanical stroke control, such as template positioning and monitoring of injection machine, tunnel drilling, bulldozer, excavator and so on.  

Features: Non-contact measurement, no wear and tear, long service life;  High precision up to 0.05% F. S. ; Absolute amount output, and it does not need to be reset to zero for restart ; High environmental adaptability, and regular calibration and maintenance are not required. Support current, voltage, Modbus, SSI and other output mode.


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